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Want to read some free short stories? (PS one of them is written by ME)

Almost a year ago I became a member of the Bannerwing Write Club, a group of writers who “spend their days or nights (or both) creating stories, writing their memoirs, or weaving poetry.” The club is a place for us to give and receive support during the writing process. We have a Facebook group where

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It doesn’t have to be November to express gratitude. Ten things I’m thankful for now, today, in this moment: 1. The chance to create life and grow this person who has become such an amazing human. I’m so thankful that he exists and he is mine. 2. My family. My friends. They share a line

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The trip to Apple Hill.

Autumn is full of traditions I adore. It’s my favorite time of year and there is just so much to do. This weekend we went to Apple Hill in Camino, CA. It’s a bit of a drive from Reno, but it’s totally worth the trip. Even driving the windy road that always makes me car sick

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