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We aren’t looking for truth. Just entertainment.

About a week ago I started watching How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix. Within the week I finished the first season. I decided to watch it after hearing amazing reviews, Viola Davis’ Emmy acceptance speech, and Netflix showing it as something I “might” like only about a million times. I think it’s a great show.

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Book Review: Blackfern Girls by Elizabeth Yon

Something I love to do occasionally is read a book without any preparation. I like to admire the cover, take in the title, and then start reading at the first page. I don’t read the back, or reviews, or the short synopsis on GoodReads or Amazon. I know nothing of what I’ll find between the

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I’m not Van Gogh.

I am not the artistic type. Growing up, it was like each one of us kids had something that was ‘ours’. My brother was the artist. My sister was the athlete. I was the bookworm. We had our little boxes. And I guess that was okay. I loved seeing my brother’s drawings though. It seemed

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