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8 times it would be nice to have a co-parent.

1. Car trips. I hate driving. I’ve been doing it for so long, going from being one of few friends to have a vehicle, to marrying a guy who didn’t have a driver’s license, to being the only person in the house old enough to have a license. Even once the ex-husband had his license I

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The box in my living room.

There is a box in my living room. It’s been a couple different places in the four days it’s been in my house, first by the coffee table and then in front of the TV shelf. But currently I’m using it as a desk because I’m finding it a comfortable height to type on my

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My thoughts on time out vs time in as discipline.

My thoughts below come after reading this article posted on TIME’s website titled ‘Time-Outs’ Are Hurting Your Child. —————————— Sometimes I find it fascinating to read about different parenting methods, styles, and advice given by experts. It gives me the sense that parents out there are more thoughtful about how they parent their children. I am

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