Book Review: Elemental Awakening

elemental-awakening-coverIs it only writers, storytellers, who see a statue in a museum or a park and wonder what would happen should the statue come to life?

The first I was introduced to the characters of Mandy Dawson’s Elemental Awakening was in a response to a prompt using a image of the Freedom Sculpture by Zenos Frudakis from Write on Edge or The Red Dress Club or one of those places many of us used to gather for prompts and writing critiques. I read that first section, what would eventually be the first chapter of Elemental Awakening, and I remember only wanting more. I wanted to know what would happen after a statue that seemed to call to Helen from across oceans and over years came to life under a simple touch of her hand.

Helen Browning is a fierce and strong protagonist treading carefully into a mythology she had no idea existed. From cover to cover, Helen stands firm in who she is–destiny and fates be damned–and moves forward in adventure on her own terms. The gift of Mandy’s writing is the life she breaths into each character, giving them personality and voice, as well as human flaws (even those that are immortal).

Elemental Awakening is the first in what promises to be an enchanting series following Helen as she discovers her ancestral past and her destiny as it entwines with Luke.

I enjoyed reading Elemental Awakening, and recommend it to anyone looking for romance and immortals tinkering with mortal lives. I look forward to another installment and finding out what happens with Helen and Luke.

Elemental Awakening is available for purchase on Kindle or paperback on Amazon. You can stay in touch with Mandy Dawson on her website at or by liking her Facebook author page.

Disclosure: I received a Kindle copy of Elemental Awakening from the author for review purposes. No other compensation was given and all opinions expressed are my own.

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