It was actually simpler this year to come up with my one little word than previous years. I went to Ali Edwards’ site, looked through her list and wrote down a few that stood out to me.

Then I started writing in my journal about each of them. I started with the first one and wrote a few thoughts about it, then moved to the next, and the next until it started to feel like none of them fit. Then I wrote simplify and my pen took off.

Simplify. Less clutter in my house. Less clutter in my mind. Less projects. Less stress.


Less would mean more. More space in my house (it feels so crowded with only 2 people because we have so much…stuff). More focus on the things I find important. More time to hang out with my kid who is going to be a teenager before I know it (okay, three years…but you know).

I take on more projects than I can handle, and as a result some most of them get thrown off track, ignored, or they die a long slow death. I start them with the best of intentions, but those intentions just aren’t enough to keep them all going. I can’t keep throwing myself in a million directions just to see what sticks. I need to focus. I need to simplify.

I wear pretty much the same five outfits over and over, and yet my wardrobe has a bunch of stuff in it. The skirts can be put into storage for when the weather is warmer, but the leggings that I just don’t wear can be gotten rid of. I don’t need fifty pairs of socks (I may be exaggerating; I’ve never counted) because I do laundry once a week. And when it’s not cold, I don’t even wear socks. I have a bunch of Converse All Stars in different colors that I love, but I never wear them. They just aren’t good for my back.

My de-cluttering plan is to choose a category at the beginning of each month, and to work on that one category. Like January I’m going to work on the kitchen. I have a lot of dishes that never get used, and I know there are probably things in my pantry past their expiration date. I have more plates than a house with 2 people and not a lot of guests will ever need. Same with cups–how do I have so many cups?

This weekend I’m also going to look at the projects I’m involved in, even those that I’m technically involved in and haven’t really contributed much lately, and take some time to figure out which ones mean the most to me–the ones that bring me joy–and withdraw myself from the rest.

As soon as I wrote it in my journal, I knew that it was the right one for me. I even created a vision board…which I’ve never done before. I just need to find a good spot to hang it so I can continue to be inspired throughout the year.

Did you pick a word or set a resolution for 2017? Let me know.

Happy New Year, my brilliant readers!

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