What do you want for Christmas?

Photo by Annie Spratt, courtesy of Unsplash

Photo by Annie Spratt, courtesy of Unsplash

This evening my son asked me to start my Christmas wish list. He said he needs some ideas on what to get me.

The first three things I wrote down are books mentioned in the description for the class I’m planning on taking next semester. Each one is on Amazon for less than $10. I figure even if they don’t end up on the syllabus, those are the ones that still sounded like something I might want to read.

How do you make a wish list of things for your child to buy? He’s been saving his money, not for anything specific but just to save, and I don’t really want him to feel like he has to spend it on me. I encourage him to make me something, to paint a picture, to craft a photo frame, to write me a story. But somehow I feel like he has got it into his head that those kinds of gifts wouldn’t be good enough.

Where did I go wrong? Was I not grateful enough for previous handmade gifts? Did I ever say a single word to him that made him think I didn’t love the salt dough handprint he made in day care or the necklaces he made in kindergarten or the framed drawing of me paired with questions/answers he made with my friend’s help? Does he really, truly think that my gift needs to be purchased in a store? Have I not been fervent enough in encouraging what Christmas is all about?

I could be overreacting. I tend to do that sort of thing.

I wrote a small list, each thing no more than $10.

But, if we’re being honest here, the best gift he could give me is something that he made especially for me.

(Or a clean house. But, you know, let’s be realistic.)

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  1. Eli@CoachDaddy

    I don’t think you’ve gone wrong at all! I remember as a kid the first Christmas I could buy presents. They weren’t much, but it was a milestone, of being able to do something grown-up.

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