I just have a lot of feelings right now!

I’m not “allowed” to watch Grey’s Anatomy during my lunch hour anymore.

My officemate is not fond of my propensity for bouts of crying during the emotional episodes. Which was, like, four in a row recently.

I’m new to the series. New-ish. I just go to the third season, and it’s already broken my heart a million times. It’s such a great show, but OMG there is so much drama.

I can’t even control the crying. I am overly emotional as it is. But add in dramatic music and the looks of extreme sadness on the faces and the image of the woman lying on the bathroom floor in a prom dress…spoilers…I honestly cannot stop myself. It’s embarrassing.

Which is another reason I’m not watching it at work anymore.

One or two more bouts of crying and I might not be able to watch it at home either. T hates when I cry at movies or television shows. He gets all teary-eyed. It’s contagious. He doesn’t even know why I’m crying. He just doesn’t want me to cry.

So I laugh through my tears. I make fun of myself. I hug him and tell him that I’ll be okay. I remind him that I understand the shows aren’t real and the characters are just actors.

It happened during several Doctor Who episodes too. And Supernatural. But at least those shows gave me comic relief. I’d have days and days of episodes without a single tear. I had time to recover from the heartbreak. Grey’s just doesn’t do that for me. There is no relief. It’s just kind of always dramatic.

And yet, I can’t stop watching. I just have to make sure to have a box of tissues handy. And nobody else around.

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