How I almost sucked at being the Tooth Fairy

toothlessIt was the fifth tooth that had fallen out of his mouth. He teetered back and forth between believing in the Tooth Fairy and telling me he knew it was me. I was over spilling secrets, so I was leaving it up to him. No matter if he believed or not, he was still getting some money under his pillow for his teeth. It was still fun.

He had been worrying that tooth all day. He’d lost a bottom one just a day or two earlier, and I think the excitement of money under his pillow was a big part of his desire to get that next tooth out. Our friends had just left when I heard him call out to me.

“Mommy? My tooth came out.”

I joined him in the bathroom and he looked worried–very worried. There was a little bit of blood and he held the small tooth in his hand.

“I don’t think it was ready to come out.” He said, and then he began to cry. I kept a smile on my face, trying not to laugh, and told him that bleeding was normal and didn’t he remember that the other ones all bled a little bit too? He nodded and showed me the tooth. Just like the others, I was still amazed at how small it looked out of his mouth.

He cheered up as he talked about wondering whether the Tooth Fairy was going to visit him. He wanted to sleep in my bed (we’re actually down to only 1 or 2 nights a week these days!) but he was worried she wouldn’t find him. So, like any good parent I suppose, I told him that of course she would still be able to find him. She was, after all, magic.

He put the tooth in a little plastic baggie so it wouldn’t get lost, tucked it under his pillow, and we went to bed. It had been a wonderfully busy day, so I was exhausted. Usually I would stay up to get some writing or reading done, but I was out of it. I put the Tooth Fairy money on my nightstand and waited for the child to fall asleep.

He woke up first the next morning and rushed to the bathroom.

As I took out my bite guard and picked up my phone to check on the time, I realized that I has fallen asleep before taking care of my Tooth Fairy duties.

I could still hear him in the bathroom. I didn’t have much time. I slipped my hand under his pillow, grabbed the baggie and stuffed the money in it’s place. The toilet flushed and I could hear him walking down the hallway. I had to get rid of the baggie with the tooth in it. I had to get rid of the evidence.

I tossed it under my nightstand right as he walked in my room. He grinned that toothless smile and reached under his pillow.

“Look what I got!”

I would just need to remember to put the tooth in it’s proper hiding spot before he saw it.

Being the Tooth Fairy is fun.

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5 comments on “How I almost sucked at being the Tooth Fairy”

  1. Kir

    I am going to make you feel MUCH BETTER about yourself. 🙂

    First, YAY for baby teeth falling out and “toothless” smiles etc. Gio and your son have been neck and neck with the losing teeth thing and this time it was the same tooth within 12 hrs of each other which was so cool.

    Now, I had to run into the house yesterday to put money under his pillow because I forgot to take his tooth with us to the beach …um??? Then I forgot to put the money under my pillow since that’s where he put said tooth because he figured she’s find it there more easily. OMG!

    also, this front tooth? Is the only tooth of his 5 (just like Ty’s) teeth that he’s lost that I actually have. I’ve lost all of them. ALL of them. 😉

    you’re a great mom. You really are and while I think Gio also suspects ME, he also loves those dollar bills.

    Love that gap toothed smile! <3

  2. Kimberly

    We weren’t expecting my son to lose a second tooth so soon. It fell out somewhere in the bathroom and we suspect that our dog ate it.
    Anyways, we didn’t have change because hello debit card…so my husband had to go out in the cars and fish out loose change.
    Nailed it.

  3. Somer Nelson

    I have not yet experienced being a tooth fairy. My daughter is only 3. It sounds like a good time!! Congrats on your SITS day:)

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