25 Reasons I Call Him My Boyfriend

1. Because we mutually agreed that was the next logical step.

2. Because my son said it was okay.

3. Because he has a cute face.

4. Because he bought me this t-shirt:

5. Because he cracks jokes during semi-serious conversations.

6. Because he doesn’t care that I showed up for lunch without having showered in three days.

7. Because I smile a lot when he’s around.

8. Because he puts up with my type of crazy.

9. Because we have similar celebrity crushes.

10. Because he is sweet to my son and watched an entire episode of Power Rangers: MegaForce with us even though that show is just simply terrible.

11. Because he likes that I like to eat.

12. Because he often speaks in movie quotes.


13. Because he likes awesome movies.

14. Because he thinks I’m awesome.

15. Because he gives great hugs.

16. (And he’s a great kisser!)

17. Because I trust him.

18. Because he reads my blog.

19. Because he buys–and reads–comic books without shame.

20. Because he has 80/100 points.

21. Because I sent him a screenshot of the title of this post and he said EXACTLY what I thought he would.


22. Because he texts me while out on a date…with me…because we’re dorks.

23. Because he danced to Kelly Clarkson in Kohl’s with me.

24. Because he told me I was beautiful and I believed him.

25. Because he has the same stupid sense of humor as me.

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18 comments on “25 Reasons I Call Him My Boyfriend”

  1. Not Charlie

    He sounds like a great guy. Maybe he should write a blog post, titled “25 Reasons She’s My Girlfriend”.

  2. Kir


    this made me smile 25 times! So happy you found one another!

  3. Mandy

    This post makes me smile. THIS BIG! And I’m trying to resist the urge to message and get more details. I will probably fail.

  4. Tracie

    Love this list so much.

    And love your happiness.

    Also, I love that shirt – because it rocks my face off.

  5. Kimberly

    He speaks in movie quotes! Love that. So does my husband. Well National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation mostly.
    Cute face and eating and stupid sense of humor…who could ask for anything more 🙂

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  7. Janine Huldie

    Sense of humor and loving the same great movies is so important in my book, too and thank god my husband has both in his corner, too. Great list and so happy to find you through SITS today 🙂

  8. Ana Lynn

    He sounds like a great guy and that text about updating WordPress cracked me up. Happy SITS day, once again!

  9. Danah

    He sounds amazing! I went through the whole dating thing after my divorce and it was super hard for me to hear the complements. But the right one shines through! Happily married almost six years! Enjoy and savor every minute!

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