Five True Things

I hear that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I hope Cameron Garriepy is quite flattered that I am, once again, borrowing her Five True Things idea.

1. I went to the book release of my professor-turned-friend on Friday. Reading her amazing book of poetry, Of Dirt and Tar, makes me want to write poetry again.

2. I am going to court for the first time in my life on Wednesday and I am slightly terrified. So far my courtroom experience comes from John Grisham and episodes of Law & Order. I’m sure it will be just like that.

3. I started reading Trumpet: A Novel (Vintage Contemporaries), as recommended by a co-worker. The language is so beautiful it envelopes me and I forget that I am not in the book. I love when that happens.

4. I have been binge-watching Supernatural for a while now, and I continue to have slightly inappropriate dreams about Dean Winchester.

5. I am making better use of the time I should be sleeping by working for Lifehack as a freelance editor. Paid for editing. Does it get any better?

What are five true things for you?

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4 comments on “Five True Things”

  1. Cameron

    1. I keep meaning to post more Five True Things on my blog 🙂
    2. I am now capable of jogging a 5K. Slowly and awkwardly, but still. This is pretty big.
    3. I got a deadline on a novella project. I have 6 months. In addition to everything else. Ack!
    4. It’s never, ever going to be warm again. Ever.
    5. I stayed up too late reading twice this past week, two different novels. While my focus at work suffered, my soul did not.

  2. angela

    I love when Cam does these and love yours, too 🙂

    I will be wishing you luck in the courtroom. (But if it really DOES take a John Grisham turn and Matthew McConaughey is there, you can just go ahead and call me…)

  3. Kir

    I concur with Angela..Matthew McConaughey is the best reason to be in a courtroom, I mean if you have to be there 😉

    write more poetry! I can’t wait to read it.

    your 5 true things is full of awesome stuff. Happy Monday! 🙂

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