February challenge: Planks and not spending money are tough

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In January, you’ll remember that I completed a 30-day squats and crunches challenge I found on Pinterest. I also committed myself to the 30-day planks and the NO SPEND challenges for February.

The planks were tough. I never got to doing more than 75 seconds without a rest. I tried to keep the rests fairly short, and I always completed the necessary number of seconds, so I guess I still kind of win. Most of this is about the follow through. Training myself to get into good habits. I still figured out how to set aside a couple of minutes each day to do the planks, and I even started doing 100 crunches most days after I finished the planks.

Honestly, I felt more of a difference at the end of a month of squats and crunches than I did with the planks. I think my mind is still fixated on needing movement to qualify as exercise. So March is going to be a lunge challenge. And I’m going to keep doing the crunches. Because I love feeling the muscles under my tummy getting tighter. Even if I don’t see a difference, I can feel it. So there’s that.

Now on to the slightly more disappointing challenge.

The first half of the month went great. I reorganized my pantry, made a list of everything I had, and created several dinner meals out of the ingredients I already had. I did minimal grocery shopping and didn’t go out to dinner for two weeks. It was awesome.

The first time I slipped I forgave myself. I made my excuses and tried to move on.

Then I slipped again.

We ended up eating out five times in the second half of February. It’s not much compared to a typical month, and that first half of the month definitely made a dent. I also didn’t buy any books, clothes, nail polish, or toys in the entire month. Every purchase was made purposefully and with thought put into it. Even a trip to Chuck E. Cheese on the last day of the month didn’t put twist in my budget.

In the end, I saved a little bit of money, used up some of the stuff that’s been sitting in the pantry for a while, and still had fun. I learned how to get creative with what’s available, tried a few new recipes, and will continue to watch my spending every month.

And I’m putting a hold on buying any more books for a while. I have several piles stacked under my desk of the books I own and have never read. Plus my Kindle has even more. As lovely as books are, and as much as I love them, it’s time to reign that in.

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1 comment on “February challenge: Planks and not spending money are tough”

  1. Samantha

    I don’t think I could hold a plank for 5 minutes. I think its awesome that you are doing the 30-day challenges – I started one and lost it on day 2.

    As for the spending diet…you made it farther than I ever have!

    WAY TO GO!

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