One word.

drinking waterAt first it was FORWARD (2011). Then I moved on to FOCUS (2012). Last year I tried to be BRAVE (2013).

This year I tried to force it. I couldn’t find a word for 2014 and I was becoming frustrated by it. So I stopped. I stopped thinking about it and just went on with starting my year.

One of my biggest struggles last year was my weight. I was in a deep depression for the last third of the year and I gained a lot. I hit my highest number on the scale yet. I switched medication for my depression and struggled a lot with the switch and finding the right dosage. By the time December came around, I had finally figured out the right dosage and was starting to feel a little bit better emotionally.

At the start of the new year, I made a promise to myself to get healthier. I’m not just looking to lose weight. I want to be healthier as a whole. I want to be able to keep up with my son when he’s running around the playground. I want to encourage him to be healthy throughout his life, and what better way to lead than by example?

I committed to a squats and crunches challenge for the month of January – which I’m still doing on day 18! – and I cut soda from my diet. I packed healthier lunches and convinced myself to stop snacking quite so much at work. And when I do snack, it’s usually carrots  or an orange. I only have half a sandwich for lunch. I refill my water bottle two or three times a day.

Not only have I already seen a difference on the scale, but I already feel better. With a combination of the right medication and counseling, my emotional/mental health is seeing improvements.

I was discussing these changes with my friend when she suggested that my 2014 word be HEALTH. And I agreed right away. If I can work on my health during this next year, I’ll establish good habits that will help me continue on a healthy path for the rest of my life.

My goals are small to begin with. And I know not to focus completely on a number on the scale. I’m also paying attention to how my clothes fit, and how I feel in my body. I’m proud of the small steps I’m taking, and the small positive changes I’m seeing.


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  1. Jamie

    I’m such and awesome and perfect friend… Lol. J/k. Last year my word was health and I think I doing well, until July. I never lost weight, but I was getting into better shape, but I kinda quit and hadn’t worked on my diet. So, here’s to making it all year and making some real changes in your health!

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