Review: Jamberry Nail Wraps

The accent nail style has been my favorite for a while now.

The accent nail style has been my favorite for a while now.

I love painting my nails because it quiets my mind and allows me to focus on one thing. My mind is usually running as fast as the little hamsters can go, and there is something about brushing a layer of polish on my nails that makes it all stop for a few minutes. If I had the time, I would paint my nails every day. (from I am intolerant of your intolerance)

I wrote that back in September when I was railing against the intolerance of people who have made my son feel bad for painting his nails. But today’s post is about my relationship with nail polish.

The small medicine cabinet in my bathroom is overflowing with different polish colors from different brands. I stick mostly to the cheap stuff, but I get good results from them.

Of course “good results” is entirely subjective. The paint goes on smooth and looks great…for a day or two. I’ve tried dozens of top coats, and nothing stops the chipping from happening. I’m not super careful with my nails. I spend a lot of time typing, so the tips are the first to go. It’s annoying. The end result for those first couple of days is great, and I love the quiet time it takes to get to that point. But chips in polish are my enemy.

I also don’t have a steady hand when it comes to doing anything other than straight color. I really got into what my friend called the “Pinterest nail” for a long time. You know, eight of my nails in one solid color and then my two ring fingers would be an accent nail – usually painted in glitter to give it pizzazz. I still love that look, but I found myself jealous of all the other designs I see on Pinterest. (I know, I know. Pinterest is not a mirror of real life.)

So when Amanda of It’s Blogworthy told me about Jamberry Nail Wraps, I could immediately see the perks. Tons of awesome designs and she said they would last a week or two. I was worried about the application process, since I get more out of nail painting than a lot of people, but I was willing to give it a try.

Enter the 7-day challenge.

Amanda sent me three small samples to try out (plus I got a bonus drawing from her son!). I picked one that was definitely not something I could do on my own. Then I picked a solid polish to put on the rest of my nails and gathered the supplies for the wrap application.

The first accent piece went on pretty easily. It took me a while to file down the design enough to get rid of the white edges, but I figured it out. The second accent piece was more difficult…but I was working on my dominant hand. My left hand is rubbish when it comes to stuff like this. It took her long enough to figure out how to stay steady when painting. Of course, eventually she got better. So I’m sure she just needs a little bit more practices before wraps are as easy for her as they are for my right hand.


After the picture I filed off that excess white. I was just too lazy to take another picture.

I took a picture and went along through the 7 days, loving the cute chevron design I’d chosen.

My biggest issue was that the wrap didn’t stay down clean around the cuticle. Part of me felt that could have been fixed by re-heating and pressing the wrap down, but I didn’t want to mess with anything during my 7-day challenge. I wanted to take it just as it was.

After 7 days, here’s the result:

See what I mean about around the cuticle?

See what I mean about around the cuticle?

Here’s the thing: I love that the Jamberry nail isn’t chipped. If I heated the bottom of the wrap again, I could get it to re-stick and flatten out nicely. There is a little bit of push back at the top of the nail, but I type ALL THE TIME. I don’t expect anything to withstand the amount of typing I do, and when my nails get a little longer I end up typing with the tip a lot.

I tried another accent nail and the application was way easier the second time around. It went quicker and I got it kind of tucked under the cuticle so it’ll stay down better. Two days later and there’s no warping like I had last time.

Now, it wouldn’t be a totally honest review if I didn’t tell you the downside. After taking the time to put the wraps on, I really don’t feel like I can change my nails on a whim (which I totally do). Each sheet has enough wraps for 2 manicures and several pedicures, so taking them off after two or three days feels like a waste of the wrap. If you tend to keep your nails the same for a week or two at a time and don’t like dealing with the chipping, then these nails are perfect for you. I might just have to get over my change-nails-on-a-whim when I decide to use the wraps. If I’m feeling more spontaneous, I’ll stick to the polish. I would mainly use the wraps for the designs anyway. I’m terrible at creating cute designs on nails, so this way I can do more than just solid colors.

So here’s the deal. Amanda is hosting a FLASH FACEBOOK Jamberry Party for me tomorrow (Dec. 4th) at 4 PM (PST). There will be time to ask questions, check out some of the other great designs they have available, and even win some prizes. If you’re interested, feel free to request access to the group. In the meantime, feel free to check out Amanda’s Jamberry site and browse through the more than 250 designs and colors available.


I received a couple of free sample accent nail wraps from Amanda because she beleives – as I do – that “try before you buy” is a totally awesome opportunity. This is available to others, just come visit the Facebook party and ask nicely. All opinions are my very own.

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  1. Amanda Austin

    So glad you had a good experience with them! I agree, it gets easier as it goes. and you’re also right about changing these up! I tend to want to polish and have nice looking nails for a few days, so that’s my main benefit, but for nail art they can’t be beat either! Hope to see lots of readers at the party 😉

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