Usually I spend my November making daily posts on Facebook, sharing with others what I’m thankful for. Friends and family do the same thing, and it’s been such a great tradition. Unfortunately, depression killed it for me this month. I did it for a couple of days, and then just kind of dropped it.

But since it’s November, and today is Thanksgiving, I feel like I should take a moment to actually remember all the things in my life I have to be thankful for. And because I’m all stupid depressed I am forcing myself to come up with 30 things. Ready? Let’s go.

1. My son.
2. A loving and supportive family that loves me even when we’re thousands of miles apart and don’t see each other for years.
3. Friends. My chosen family. Holy crap I love them.
4. Netflix. Amazon Prime. MOVIES and SHOWS ON DEMAND IS AMAZING.
5. Sick time at work so I can take care of my sick kiddo and it won’t affect my paycheck.
6. Write on Edge. Including my wonderful partners: Cameron, Angela, Mandy, and Kir.
7. Access to a gym that I don’t have to pay a zillion dollars to attend.
8. Access to healthcare. Especially mental healthcare.
9. Dishwashers.
10. My bed. Seriously, it’s über comfy and I love it so much.
11. My dad’s lovely cabin where I don’t have to worry about anything. I can spend the day in jammies reading on the porch and nobody cares.
12. Books.
13. The potential for a free Masters degree. A perk of working for the university.
14. My wonderful parents who continue to be simply amazing people.
15. My job. Which I enjoy most of the time.
16. The lovely woman I share an office with.
17. Education. A high school diploma and a Bachelor of Arts never seems like much to me, but I know I am lucky to have had the opportunity for so much education.
18. The right to vote.
19. Scrivener, which holds my words for me.
20. Regular paychecks.
21. Fancy gadgets like my cell phone and computer to keep me connected to the people I love.
22. Grassroots Books and their warehouse sales to keep my home library stocked.
23. The Self Help Center at the courthouse. Since I can’t afford a lawyer for my legal issues, this is the next best thing.
24. The nurses, doctors, and specialists that helped my preemie in the early months of his life.
25. The planetarium lowering admission to $1 for its 50th anniversary.
26. Taking my son on the Polar Express.
27. Lake Tahoe.
28. Good weather and not much traffic on the long drive to the cabin to celebrate Turkey Day.
28. Plenty of food to fill our bellies.
29. Libraries.
30. A world of possibilities and opportunities and dreams that can come true.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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