Chapter Three…


Goodbye, 20s. A decade significant enough to warrant at least a mention on this dear little ol’ bloggy.

But that’s all this is. A mention. A farewell. Good riddance.

True, it wasn’t all together a terrible decade. I graduated college and gave birth to this amazing little human. I became an aunt. Twice. My family grew and grew and grew. I wrote stories and stories. I started a blog. I made a few bucks off words I’d written and had a short story published. I saw a shuttle launch and visited Disney World. I lived in two states and four cities. I made and nurtured friendships. I ran a couple 5Ks and read a lot of books. I survived.

And today I will celebrate my ability to survive. I will focus on the good I have done and the good I will do.

I welcome the next decade, and those that will follow, with open arms and an open mind.

And I will know that I am strong. I am loved. And I am amazing.

Hello, 30!

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4 comments on “Chapter Three…”

  1. Cameron

    Happy birthday, friend! May this year and the nine that follow it kick all kinds of Thirties Ass! Sincerely, More Than Sixty Percent Through Them 😉

  2. Kir

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful girl…of the glorious glasses, the phenomenal words and the heart of gold.

    Hoping all the wishes you make on those candles come true and that every day of every year of your 30’s are just as special as you are.

    LOVE YOU!!!!
    Welcome to 30!

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