THANK YOU (yes, you!)

The first draft of my post, I am intolerant of your intolerance, was a jumbled mess. I had taken to the keyboard, as I often do, to sort out the thoughts in my head. By the end, it was over 1,000 words and the train of thought had been derailed so many times even I couldn’t keep track.

I decided to sit on it. I left it in the Drafts folder and walked away.

I came back the next day and reread what I had written. It was more jumbled than I thought. It was a great journal entry, but it didn’t feel like it should be on my blog.

After an outpouring of support from family and friends on Facebook, I decided that I wanted to talk about those feelings in a more organized fashion. I opened the first draft and stared at it for a while. I picked out the pieces that were the most coherent and started editing.

I worked on that post late into the night. I stayed up, despite being tired, to make it perfect. I read it several times over, wondering if I was getting my point across, wondering if anybody other than family and friends would even care.

I hit Publish. And, considering it was Wednesday by then, I linked up to Shell’s Pour Your Heart Out. I’ve linked up to PYHO numerous times. I’ve read other posts linked up and found some wonderful bloggers. I’m always thankful for somewhere I can link up without fear of being judged for spilling my heart into my blog.

Then, being proud of what I had just written, I logged into BlogHer and posted it on my account there. I hit Publish one more time, and then went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning with four emails waiting in my inbox. The first three were comments on the post I’d put on my blog. They were supportive and loving, and from people I didn’t know “in real life.”

The fourth email was from Jenna Hatfield of BlogHer. She had read my post and decided to feature it on the Family page of

A few days later, I sent it off to Studio30Plus and got a response from Marie Nicole that they were considering featuring it. And they did!

Since I published that post, I have received an explosion of page views, comments, emails, Tweets, and Facebook comments. I received an email from a blogger who had written a post similar to mine, in response, and was asking if she could link to my post. Everything I have read has been positive and reaffirming and encouraging.

It’s slightly overwhelming.

I wanted to take this moment to THANK YOU. All of you. Every single one of you. Your comments were so positive, and the response really warmed my cynical heart.



Tonight I have shared every single comment with my son. We’ve discussed the topic to death, and I’m pretty sure he’s getting a little sick of it.

But he knows he has the support of family, friends, and a whole slew of people around the globe.

And he still hasn’t taken off that nail polish.

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4 comments on “THANK YOU (yes, you!)”

  1. Kir

    I have shared and read that post so many times. I love it and I love that your son is who he is. The support and outpouring, the reaction to that post is the best gift of it isn’t it???


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