Write on Edge: Tips on formatting dialogue

I’m over at Write on Edge today talking about how to use (or not use) the comma splice when writing dialogue.

One of the main issues I see while editing dialogue is the overabundant usage of the comma splice. I figured it might be a good time to talk about when it’s appropriate to use a comma splice while writing dialogue. And to answer that pervasive question: what is a comma splice and why does it remind me of a deliciously greasy slice of pepperoni pizza?

Please hop on over and check my article out. If you have questions about editing, formatting, or the structure of your words, contact Write on Edge and we’ll feature the answers in a future article!

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1 comment on “Write on Edge: Tips on formatting dialogue”

  1. Jennifer

    FYI, I read this post on WOE, and I tried to incorporate the tips this week in my Summer Loving post. I’m a sucker for the comma splice. Thanks for writing it.

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