Misunderstanding through text: it happens to all of us.

So there we were, The Nerd and I bantering via text messages. T and I were out for our evening walk when the topic of drinks came up and The Nerd mentioned he had a bottle of red wine at his place (if you read about our first date, you’ll know we live in the same complex). My son was doing his totally “adorable” game of copying everything I say, so I joked that The Nerd should meet us at the playground with a glass of wine for me.

Then I put the phone down to run around the playground with T.

Twenty minutes later, he showed up. Holding a bottle of wine and two glasses.

T saw him right away. And, being the hyper friendly person he is, walked right up to him to say hi. T thought he was just saying hi to another neighbor of ours. When I introduced them, T suddenly realized that he had someone to entertain. He started talking, non-stop, in that way children with new audiences do.

Watch me climb this wall.

Look, I can be a tiger!

I lost two teeth already. Want to see?

I was amused. And caught off guard.

That’s the thing with text messages. It’s not always easy to tell whether someone is joking or not. Sometimes even an “lol” or a winking emoticon isn’t always clear.

We chatted for a little bit. Well, as much as we could with T hogging most of the attention. Then T invited him over.

The Nerd was polite and said he couldn’t because he had to take care of his cat. But he had the bottle, the glasses, and he was already seeing how hyperactive my child is. So, why not?

I told him he could come over, we’d have a glass of wine, and then he could go home. He wasn’t sure, but I convinced him it was okay.

So we did just that. He came over, opened the bottle, poured the wine, and then we stood in my kitchen and chatted for about twenty minutes as we slowly sipped the wine.

T even had his milk in a wine glass. He took his time making sure that he was holding his glass just like I was. It was kind of endearing.

We bid The Nerd good-night and then I got T to run off and get ready for bed.

We’ve texted a few times since then. Him apologizing for intruding and misunderstanding the text. Me telling him not to beat himself up. It ended up being a nice little odd ending to the day.

I would prefer a different sort of introduction for my child, but how can I go wrong with being thrown into it and him see us just being ourselves? This is who we are. We are silly and random and nerdy and our house is a bit of a mess.

And we’ll just ignore the part where T asked if The Nerd was my boyfriend. That didn’t cause embarrassment for any of us.

(And that, my friends, was sarcasm.)

(Also, The Nerd is still talking to me. We are laughing. This is good.)

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6 comments on “Misunderstanding through text: it happens to all of us.”

  1. angela

    I think there’s something to be said for the way people respond to those sorts of misunderstandings, and it sounds like that one went absolutely the way you would hope. It bodes well for other awkward moments 🙂

    • Roxanne

      If there’s anything I need in a partner, it’s the ability to overcome all my little awkward moments. 😉

  2. Kir

    I love that he showed up with wine AND GLASSES. Sometimes it’s the details that make it all worthwhile and I like that he is spontaneous and kind, that he didn’t run for cover or shy away.

    I am enjoying you getting to know him as much as you are. 😉

    Have a great weekend!!

    • Roxanne

      I would have never thought of bringing glasses. I’m woefully unprepared most of the time. It’s nice to know a potential partner would counter that for me. 😉

      Enjoy your weekend, Kir.

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