Five True Things

Oh Wendy's. Do you need an editor? I'm for hire.

Oh Wendy’s. Do you need an editor? I’m for hire.

1. I went on a fantastic date on Saturday. I’m considering a blog post, but I haven’t decided if people really care to read about my dating experience. Perhaps I should keep it to myself?

2. I am on a mission to eat healthier. I failed a few times last week, and I failed this weekend, but I’m not letting it bring me down! I went to the grocery store Sunday and bought lots of produce and yogurt and nuts. Good things. Plus, I’ve been drinking lots more water. And cutting back on soda. Fingers crossed for a better (healthier) week.

3. My son lost two teeth last week. Something about that gap in the lower part of his smile makes him seem so much older. Wasn’t he just two?

4. This will be a busy work week, but I have many fun things planned for the off-work hours. Including a possible sleepover with a certain almost-three-year-old that adores my son. And Tahoe. Oh how I love that beautiful blue lake.

5. I didn’t get as excited as some of my Doctor Who amigos of the announcement of the Twelfth Doctor. But that’s probably because I’m still a season behind. Hello, Netflix? Please stream the last season of the Eleventh Doctor. Soon. Thanks.

(Inspired, once again, by the lovely Cameron Garriepy. Don’t forget to check out her blog and her wonderful writings.)

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4 comments on “Five True Things”

  1. Cameron

    Don’t worry about not being excited about Peter Capaldi 🙂 But he’s going to be awesome. I’ve seen him in a couple of other things, and he’s got something to bring to it. And yes, Netflix. Get on that season!

    And thanks for the nod, you!

  2. Kir

    dates? I love to hear about romantic (GREAT) dates..I live vicariously through everyone else. 😉

    (you can email me…hee hee)

    We keep asking Gio and Jacob if their teeth are loose, as if we want them to be (and when we get there, you know both of us will be weeping about it..parents, geez.)

    you have five GOOD things, so happy about that. 🙂

    • Roxanne

      Yes, my TRUE things are GOOD things.

      I may email you anyway, just because. But I also have almost made the decision to blog about it. Because why not? I’ve been doing it, why not keep at it? It really does help the memory. 🙂

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