Date night with a nerd.

So I went on a date last Saturday.

I met him through online dating (although not that particular one). We bonded in our nerdiness for a little while before he suggested we meet in person. I was impressed that he didn’t wait forever before asking. Funny thing? After we set up the date, I remembered that I didn’t know his real name. Nor he I. That was an awkward sentence. Anyway.

We met at The Hub for “coffee”. Which means he drank coffee and I tried an iced raspberry lemon hibiscus tea thingamabob. It was quite tasty. And I’d never been to The Hub before. It doesn’t have a lot to distract the eye – makes it feel more conducive to conversation. The building has lots of big windows to let the light in. 10/10 would return.

The Nerd was sitting towards the back, occupying himself on his phone. But as soon as he looked up and saw me, the phone went away and he smiled. I felt immediately relieved when he cracked a joke about not knowing the proper first-meeting etiquette. We shook hands. It felt weird, but there was that one guy that hugged me on the first date. So I guess it’s all just weird.

He did most of the talking. Not because he’s overbearing or anything, but because I had suddenly forgotten how to move my lips and make words come out. I did a lot of giggling. But, to be fair, most of that was because he was funny.

We hadn’t made any plans past the coffeeshop. You know, in case one of us turned out to be a bearded dragon. Or we just didn’t click. Either or.

I guess we clicked because we decided to take a walk towards downtown and chat some more. It wasn’t quite as oh-my-god-I’m-melting-hot as it’s been, and the path by the river was shaded. We stopped by the ice cream truck that was hanging out by the river to provide cool refreshment to the children. I got a ninja turtle Popsicle with a mask that was more pink than red. He got an ice cream sandwich. Because I am ten.

The Nerd mentioned that he had a few ideas of things we could do, which was nice to see that he was so prepared. And way more decisive than me. We decided to go see a movie (which included the opportunity to sit in air conditioning for a while), and then we could go to dinner. I mentioned reading an article that said you should always do the movie first in a dinner-and-a-movie date, because then – if nothing else – you have something to talk about. The movie. Obviously.

We only had an hour to wait to see The Conjuring, so I grabbed a water and The Nerd got an iced coffee thing, and we sat and talked some more. I opened up a little bit more, but he was definitely still more of the talker. I know. I’m ridiculous.

Then, for two hours, I lost myself in the creep-tastic movie.

After the movie we walked to Thai Corner Cafe where we enjoyed yummy Thai food (obviously), more conversation, and terrible karaoke from the bar next door. Oh yes, someone sang Journey.

What comes next? Drinks and hookah at The Waterfall of course. Or maybe it’s just Waterfall. It might be too cool to have a The. I wouldn’t know. And I am also too lazy to look it up. Suffice to say, it’s a bar with couches and hookahs and alcohol and drunk party girls.

Good times.

No, really. It was fun. I talked a little bit more. We both got caught distracted by Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. But, I mean, really. Why would you play such a funny movie if you expect people to hold conversations?

Although judging by the volume of the music, nobody was expecting much conversation.

Is it just me, or do I sound like a bitter old woman right there?

We compared nerd-tastic stats. He plays D&D once a month with a group of friends. He wasn’t much of a comic book reader, but he did like Watchmen (the graphic novel; I didn’t ask about the movie…which was awesome…). He’s a Star Trek fan and he’s the second person to inform me that the even-numbered movies are the better ones. Oh, and he’s also the second person lately to tell me I’d really like Battlestar Galactica…and that it’s strange that I haven’t yet. Apparently I should get on that. He also writes stories and is super polite. And smart. Am I gushing? Okay, I’ll stop that.

He asked about my blog. I guess they all do these days. He hasn’t asked me for the URL yet. Should I text him the URL to this post?


It got really warm in the bar, so I told him I wanted to go outside to cool down. Then we started walking again. Walking and talking and wandering around downtown in the middle of the night. All that talking got us to a very interesting factoid.

We live in the same apartment complex.

No kidding. He’s like three buildings down from me.

Small world, huh?

At the end of the night, he walked me back to my car. You know, to make sure there were no murderers or druggies or toddler pageant queens hiding in the darkness. Again, proper etiquette made us equally awkward. We hugged. And said we’d see each other again soon. And then I drove off.

Halfway home I saw headlights in my rearview mirror and kept wondering if they were his. They turned into my complex and drove past me when I parked, but I don’t really know. Now it’s always on my mind. He’s like right there. It’s so strange. This tiny little world just got a whole lot tinier. Three buildings away, and it took the Internet for us to even meet. Far out.


Nights like Saturday night remind me that dating doesn’t always suck. It’s not always confusing and emotion-filled and judgmental and comprehending someone’s mind games. Sometimes it’s just meeting someone new, having a good time, and seeing where that takes you.

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10 comments on “Date night with a nerd.”

  1. Lizz

    The even numbered Star Treks ARE the best ones (IV FTW!) and how have I not harassed you into picking up BSG?!?! Probably because I assumed you’ve already seen it.
    Also, you’re sounding a little swoony here, my dear! XOXO

  2. angela

    How lovely is it that you didn’t make plans past coffee but things just kept on moving forward?

  3. Aunt Laura

    Sounds like alot of talking, walking and eating… Perfect…

  4. Kir

    “Swoony”, yes, I like Lizz’s word. Swoony is the perfect word.

    (Although I am that girl that always kisses on the first date. Well when I dated. I try on shoes, I hoist a bag over my shoulder before I take it to the counter to pay, I kiss on first dates because kissing is important..and so I would kiss to see if we had chemistry because what if we didn’t?)

    I guess that makes me a bit of a tart. Hmmm.

    But I love the part about you being in the same complex..that is KARMA and FATE and very cool. Did you feel like your life was changing or tilting? I don’t watch BSG or go to see movies like the Conjuring (JEEPERS!!) but I know romance and this is 6 degrees of Sleepless in Seattle to me.

    GOOD LUCK, let us know immediately when he calls for the 2nd date. 😉


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