Dancing robots

Gloria watched the pink robots dancing, gliding around the quad as if their metal feet weren’t touching the ground. They were graceful like ballerinas en pointe.

They were nothing like the clunky heaps of metal her father had salvaged from the dump. She knew he had spent a lot of time piecing the mismatched parts together, figuring out how they worked. She knew she should be proud of what he’d created.

She felt disappointed that her maidbots would never entertain her like these ones. She avoided his eyes as he watched her watch them.

“Come on Gloria. Let’s go home.”


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2 comments on “Dancing robots”

  1. Debbie

    Seems the future doesn’t change the envy kids have for what others have. I like the pride she shows for her father at the same time she wishes she had one of the pretty pink robots.

  2. troy P.

    “She knew she should be proud” – there’s something terribly depressing and poignant about that line. But maybe it’s just the dad of a teenage daughter in me… =)

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