I hate Betty Draper.

(Possible Mad Men spoilers may be contained within. Read with caution if you haven’t seen the first 2 seasons.)

I’ve only recently jumped on the Mad Men bandwagon. I’ve just finished seasons 2 and, for the most part, I’m really enjoying the story lines. The characters are well-developed, entertaining, and I find myself emotionally attached to my favorites.

But I hate Betty Draper.

At first, she wasn’t so bad. She seemed like the typical 50/60’s housewife. She was bored with her life, but still maintained appearances. She was deep, complex, and just waiting for the opportunity to really discover who she is and what she wants out of life.

Now I see her true colors. She’s just a whiny bitch.

She kicks her husband out of the house because of his indiscretions. Understandable. Then he disappears for a couple of weeks. Okay. Upon his return, she is upset with him for just leaving and not telling anyone where he is. Yeah, I would be too.

But then she whines to him about how she’s taking care of the kids herself it “must be nice” to just go away when you need time to think about things without regard for anyone else.

Excuse me?

I know there’s a distinct difference between life then and life now, but give me a break. She has Carla to help with the kids. And her husband’s money to pay the bills. She can still go riding at the stables. Nothing in her life is interrupted, except she doesn’t have to have dinner on the table for Don when he gets home from work. She even comments that her life didn’t change that much when he was gone.

Don was wrong. He had multiple affairs and behaved like a royal dick. I don’t excuse anything he did.

But come on Betty. Stop whining about how you have to raise those kids and you don’t get time to yourself. You should be embarrassed at your behavior.

I know I’m embarrassed. Writing a post like this about a fictional character in a television show. But this is what happens. I get emotionally attached and some of these people get on my nerves.

Don’t even get me started on Pete Campbell.

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2 comments on “I hate Betty Draper.”

  1. Cameron

    I have opinions about Betty.

    But like another certain fictional universe we share… spoilers!

    • Roxanne

      Yes, I know so much can change. I’ll just keep going in the series and see what happens.

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