Hello, Tooth Fairy

My son lost his first tooth yesterday (!!!!) and I’m just over the moon at this latest milestone.

Over a month ago, T was complaining about pain in his front bottom teeth. Lo and behold, we find that his adult tooth is making its way through the gums…but farther back than it should be. The teeth in front of it weren’t showing any signs of wiggling, so I made an appointment with the dentist.


Rockin’ the shades!

By the time we got to our appointment, one of the teeth was slightly wiggling. The dentist said “shark teeth” are very common, and we could give it another month before discussing having to pull the baby tooth. She told T to keep wiggling it, and once the baby tooth came out, that adult tooth would make its way back into position. (We already know he might need braces in the future. His mouth is already pretty crowded.)

He wasn’t super diligent on wiggling the tooth. He just couldn’t feel the tooth moving, so I don’t think he really believed that it would do any good.

Then came the day – a couple weeks after the appointment – that he told me he finally felt it move. And, little by little, it started moving more and more.

Showing off his baby AND adult tooth hanging out together.

Showing off his baby AND adult tooth hanging out together.

By the time our camping trip last weekend, we were able to push it pretty far forward. He was adamant that “yanking” the tooth would hurt too much, so he’d barely let me touch it. I was determined to get that tooth out by Sunday (the end of the camping trip).

Sunday night, the tooth still sat there. We lounged on my bed and I told him the story about my dad tying the string around my tooth and telling me he wouldn’t pull it…and then he did. I told him I didn’t want to deceive him like that, but I really thought we should try pulling it out. He didn’t want to, so he went to bed.

I picked him up from school yesterday only to find him grinning ear-to-ear. Without the tooth in his mouth.


He told me how it had been just hanging from his gum, so he reached up and pulled it out.

I was oddly proud, given his earlier terror at the thought of pulling a tooth out of his head. He told me he was excited to see what the Tooth Fairy would leave him. I had him design an envelope to put the tooth in. Then he slipped the tooth inside, pushed it under his pillow, and fell asleep faster than usual.


That’s his depiction of the Tooth Fairy.

I didn’t have time and resources (read: crafty supplies are lacking in my house) to get all Pinterest-y. There’s no special pillow, no gold coin, no glitter-covered dollar bill.

Take that, Pinterest!

Take that, Pinterest!

But there is a paper tooth (in his current favorite color) and a one dollar bill that is going to make this six-year-old very happy.

missing tooth

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4 comments on “Hello, Tooth Fairy”

  1. Aunt Laura

    So happy for you Mr. T. the Tooth Fairy now knows where you live and she will be back many more times in your life… Hugs. Great Aunt Laura

    • Roxanne

      Thanks Aunt Laura! Hard to believe that two days later he coaxed a second tooth out! He is definitely a fan of the Tooth Fairy. Love you!

  2. Jaimie

    & I bet that pink tooth was just as cool as anything Pinterest would have come up with to T.. Congrats to little man! 🙂

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