Five True Things

(Inspired by Cameron Garriepy)

1. I have post up on Write on Edge about how to turn off your inner editor and WRITE.

2. I had a fantastic weekend, which included a baby shower for my cousin, a sleepover with Lizz Porter, and meeting Erin Margolin (plus The Gay Dad Project team!) and Kelly Tirman face-to-face for the first time.

3. My stomach is growling. Rice cakes are not a filling breakfast.

4. I have big plans to work on house organization and writing during the week, since my son is with his grandpa until next weekend. I made a list. Honestly, I’ll be surprised if I even get half of the list done. Because relaxation.

5. I started watching The IT Crowd last night and it’s hilarious. Just what I need: something else to distract me from life (see also: Doctor Who).

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6 comments on “Five True Things”

  1. Cameron

    Five True Things leaves the nest! Yay!
    I hate/love the to-do list when the child is away. Because seriously: relaxation.

    • Roxanne

      Yes. Relaxation is lovely. I’m hoping to maintain a balance so I get relaxation and productivity. Cheers!

  2. Kristy @Loveandblasphemy

    #4 – If my boy is not around, it is always the constant debate in my head – get stuff done or lay around and relax and watch crap TV? Oh, decisions!

  3. erin margolin

    You are the sweetest. I love you. Thank you for making the big BART trek with Lizz to see me/us. I hope you weren’t all freaked out. I know you two made my night much better and hopefully it wasn’t a drag for you. If we hadn’t had such a “situation” on our hands, we could’ve hung out longer or gone somewhere, but I also knew you had to get going and long ride back to Lizz’s place, then long drive home for you next day…..


    • Roxanne

      I love you too, Erin. I’m just so glad we could be there to help make your night better. It wasn’t a drag at all! Honestly. I hope we’ll be able to meet again one of these days. XO

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