Why do you want to be fit?

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from ReasonsToBeFit.Tumblr.com

I can’t even tell you how much I hated this pin when I first found it while perusing Pinterest.

Exercising more and eating better are always on my list of things to do. Sometimes, I actually get around to doing them. Right now I am doing it. For the most part. I eat…less…and I’ve been doing small at home workouts almost every evening.

The thing is, when I’m struggling through the last push-ups or my legs start shaking during a wall-sit or my legs are screaming at me during lunges, I’m not thinking about other people.

I don’t want to be fit and healthy to look better than someone else.

I want to be fit and healthy to be better than myself.

My life hasn’t included enough healthy practices. I have let myself be lazy. I am in danger of serious health problems in my future if I don’t put myself back together.

So when I read that someone’s reason to be fit is to “not be remembered as the fat one”, I really feel sorry for the person who wants to change herself because of the people around her. I feel bad that she has surrounded herself with people who remember her for her weight, not for her smile or her laugh or how she made a fantastic lasagna.

I don’t want to be remembered as the fat one, or the skinny one. I want to be remembered for my writing, my friendship, my love.

And I want to be around for another fifty or so years. That’s my reason for being fit.

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2 comments on “Why do you want to be fit?”

  1. Amanda Austin

    You hit the nail on the head here. I can’t say I don’t love fitting in clothes that haven’t fit in awhile (because I do!) but I also love that I can eat good food and FEEL good, not like I”m about to fall asleep. I like that I can get in time for myself when I workout. I like that I have more energy for my son. There are lots of reasons to get fit, but to make it ALL about looks can be damaging. And on that note, I like looking good for me — not for literally anyone else, including my husband. Ya know? I dress for ME, I workout for ME. It’s very empowering when you get to that point. Good for you for getting fit!

    • Roxanne

      I love that you get it. Thanks Amanda. It’s nice to see that it doesn’t always have to be about the image, but about the health and being healthy and active enough to keep up with our little monsters.

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