The Woman in White

Angeline watched from her chair on the beach as the woman in white appeared to glide down the dock. The frail woman’s dark hair fluttered behind her in the light breeze that danced over the ocean.

Angeline turned her head to scan the beach, but it appeared nobody else was out enjoying the water that day. Just as well. She hated coming when the temperatures were high. There were too many people. She preferred a light fog over the water as she lounged in her chair and enjoyed a few solitary hours of reading.

She tried to take her attention back to her book, but her eyes tracked back to the dock. The woman had stopped by the edge and was taking a seat, dipping her bare feet into the icy water. Angeline watched as the woman sat, gazing out toward the hazy horizon.

That that moment, Angeline felt a chill sharper than the one typically in the San Francisco air. She felt as if a block of ice had run down her spine. She shivered and pulled her cardigan over her shoulders. The woman on the dock splashed her feet in the water, much like a child swinging his legs when sitting in a chair just a bit too big. She looked up into the gray sky, her lips moving as if in conversation, and then Angeline watched her push herself from the dock and her body disappeared beneath the surface of the water.

Without thinking, Angeline dropped her book into the sand and started running for the dock. She stumbled through the sand, bits of sticks and shells stabbing at her bare feet. She reached the dock and felt her legs become stronger on the wood planks, free from the unsteady foundation the sand had provided. She dashed to the end of the dock, where the woman had just been seated, and looked down into the water.

Angeline couldn’t make out anything beneath the ocean water. She only hesitated a moment before she took a deep breath and plunged into the murky darkness.

Below the surface, Angeline struggled to open her eyes to the dark blue-green of the sea. Her vision was foggy as the sky above, but she could still make out the ocean floor from where she was. And one thing was quite obvious.

There was no sign of the woman in white.

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3 comments on “The Woman in White”

  1. Kir

    ah, a good ghost story. Your descriptions took me there and I felt the chill of the day, the helplessness of wanting to save the woman.

    it was just spooky enough.

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