Only a moment before, he had been in his backyard; now Kyle was in this room with a domed ceiling and bright red walls. He turned in a circle to take in his new surroundings. The room he was in was the size of his living room back home. Except this wasn’t a living room. There was nowhere to sit, no television to look at. There was a metal console with blinking lights to his right and a panel of wall to his left that appeared to be just a shade darker than the rest. He took a step towards it, and then changed his mind and went towards the console.

It looked like a large desk, a metal version of the wooden rectangle his teacher sat behind every day. The flat part tilted downward just a bit, like a drafting table. The surface was filled with switches and buttons, some lit up and some very dark. Some flipped up and some pointed down. A small screen sat embedded in the direct center of the console. It was the same color as the television at home when it was turned off. Black, but not quite.

Kyle considered pressing a button, flipping a switch, just to see what happened. He had always driven his mother nuts when they sat in the car, waiting for his sister’s gymnastics class to end. Kyle would always climb into the front seat to join his mother for the hour, but it was always those last fifteen or twenty minutes that he grew restless and would start messing with the controls of the vehicle. The volume dial would spin forever if you had the patience to sit and twist it.

Just as he reached out to touch a particularly bright green button, the screen switched on and Kyle pulled his arm back as if he’d been burnt. He stuffed his hands in the pockets of his jeans.

On the screen was a face. A dark green, plump face with piercing eyes the color of the sky just before dawn stared at him with suspicion.

Blargetro!” The voice was harsh, scratchy like his grandpa’s voice had become after decades of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. “Blargetro habedium!”

Kyle stared at the unfamiliar creative with wonder. He knew that he should be frightened by the harshness of the alien words and the expression of disgust on the creature’s face, but Kyle couldn’t help himself. A smile crept across his face. He was meeting an alien! This thing had to be a Martian or something. And Kyle was in its spaceship.

Japutum glor fedu ghu venitia?

Kyle shrugged his shoulders, a goofy smile plastered on his face, to indicate that he didn’t know what the creature was saying. The creature’s face grew in the screen. Kyle assumed he was leaning closer to whatever camera was projecting the image.

Kyle noticed now that the creature had no eyelids. Its eyes looked wide because there was no flap of skin to blink or lower. Suddenly, the screen went blank and Kyle heard a mechanical whir come from the panel of wall he had noticed earlier. It slid open, and the smile on Kyle’s face washed away as he stared at the body attached to the face from the screen.



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  1. Marie Nicole

    Such a perfect ending! Loved visualizing the whole story as I read it. Thanks for tweeting it, otherwise I would have totally missed your take on the prompt!

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