“Do you have any bubblegum?”

Cassandra looked up  and saw a boy sitting across from her at the desk in the library. She had been so focused on reading, she hadn’t even noticed he was there.

He was looking right at her, his blue eyes shining and his lips a pale pink. He had a mess of brown curls that Cassandra suddenly had the urge to run her fingers through. His hair looked so soft.

His eyebrows were slightly raised, and Cassandra realized that he had asked her a question.

“Yes. I do.” She reached into the messenger bag she used to carry her books and withdrew a plastic baggie that she kept her candy in. Cassandra was always ready, just in case she had a craving for something sweet.

The boy eyed her bag of candy and smiled. Cassandra’s cheeks blushed  as she rooted around until she found a piece of bubblegum. She handed it over without looking up.


Cassandra looked up as he unwrapped the barrel of pink and popped it into his mouth. She looked back at her textbook, wondering how she’d be able to concentrate on homework with those blue eyes sitting right across from her. When she’d finally worked up the courage to ask him his name, she looked up and he was gone.

All that remained was the pink and yellow wrapper, laid out flat with seven bold numbers written across it.



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8 comments on “Bubblegum.”

  1. Kir

    Flirting is such a science sometimes isn’t it?

    I really loved the innocence of this, the small spark of chemistry. It was as sweet as the candy she offered.

    (I really am a hopeless romantic most days . Hee.)

  2. TMW Hickman

    Wonderfully done. My only kvetch, likely the result of my lack of coffee, was that I was initially confused about the age of the protagonist. A reread took care of that! Great job!

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