Things that go through my mind while in therapy.

“There is a pile of M&M’s just sitting in that bowl. Are they there for anyone to take? What will she think if I grab a handful and just stuff them in my mouth?”

“Those two shelves are not aligned with each other. Just a fraction of an inch. Who hung these things? How did they not notice?”

“What’s with those weird decorative balls? They look like they’re made of twine. What is their purpose? And what’s with the seashells? Are they supposed to be calming or something? All they make me want to do is go to the beach. Maybe I should go to the beach.”

“Those books are too far away; I can’t see what kind they are. My last therapist just had psychological textbooks lying around. These look like they might be a little more interesting, but I can’t see the titles. At least she keeps them on the shelf. I couldn’t stand how the last guy had a pile of books on the floor. Just sitting there.”

“That’s the fourth time she’s mentioned that she was a single mother. Is that supposed to make me feel better? Is she married now? Which hand is the ring supposed to be on? Well, crap, I can’t see if there’s a ring. Is it inappropriate for me to ask about her family? She mentions single motherhood, but how many kids does she have? Did she say ‘grandchildren’? Yeah, I guess she looks old enough to be a grandmother. I wonder how old the grandchildren are.”

“What is with the footstool that’s painted like a foot?”

“Does she know when my mind is wandering? I’ll look her in the eye for a moment so it looks like I’m paying more attention. Too long! You looked too long and now it’s awkward! Look somewhere else. Oh, look, the trash was emptied this morning.”

“This couch is quite comfortable. Do you think she’ll mind if I slip my shoes off? My feet don’t stink or anything. Okay, I’ve got one shoe off. I don’t think she really noticed. Maybe she doesn’t care. Second shoe off. How comfortable am I allowed to get? I don’t want to lie on the couch or anything. Unless she’ll let me take a nap.”

“Someone really needs to fix that shelf. It’s so noticeably unaligned!”

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2 comments on “Things that go through my mind while in therapy.”

  1. Lynn

    OMG! I am soooo glad you posted this! I feel much more normal now! My mind flits and plays and observes and never shuts up! Ha ha! Imagine if we all said EveRytHinG we were thinking! Good Lord! What a noisy world it would be!

    You should ask about the books. Maybe there’s a golden nugget in there you can borrow! And about her personal life? Heck! Ask away! She’s the one offering the information! ha!

    Oh you are too awesome. I love this post!

  2. Amanda Jillian

    Oh my goodness I’m so glad my mind doesn’t wander like that at therapy cause I really just blurt out anything that comes across my mind.

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