Procrastination is my nemesis

Today I thought about writing a post.

Yesterday I thought about writing a post.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and not a lot of writing.

This is true for the blog, and it’s true for my novel.

I don’t even have a reason. I’ve been busy in life, but not too busy that I didn’t find the time to work my way through six seasons of The Big Bang Theory and countless movies.

Sometimes I dream about being able to quit my job and write full-time. As in, write whatever the hell I want full-time. And then I think, who am I kidding? I’d spend the time catching up on all the TV shows people are obsessed with, watching lovely movies, and reading reading reading.

I get these little ideas, little beginnings for stories. They’re still there, floating around in my mind. But I haven’t brought myself to actually write them down. Why the disconnect? Why am I so susceptible to procrastination? Why do I always forget about the C in susceptible?

Yesterday I watched three episodes of The Big Bang Theory and hung photos in my living room instead of writing. I read a chapter of Hard Laughter by Annie Lamott, and then hung a shelf in my bathroom. These things around the house are productive, yes, but they are not what I know I should be doing. If I want to be a writer, if I want to get published, then I must write.

I’m surprised I’m even writing this post right now. But, still, I know that I’m going to schedule it to run tomorrow morning, and then I’m going to eat my lunch and watch an episode of…yeah.

I’m so predictable.

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3 comments on “Procrastination is my nemesis”

  1. Mad Woman (@MadWomanDiary)

    I need to slow down. I read “and then hung myself in my bathroom”
    And yes I can procrastinate with the best of them, ESPECIALLY is Big Bang Theory is on.
    Also: Kameko is evil. I blame her for all sorts of distractions.

    • Roxanne

      That would have made this post slightly more depressing, yes?

      Also: Kameko is a lovely distraction.

  2. kir

    have you been hanging out in my head? I am Lazy and a procrastinator. I have so many ideas, so many stories to get out of me and yet I really just want to watch Law & Order. I read this and nodded and thought, “well she’s awesome anyway!”

    thank you for making me feel a bit less SLOTH like 😉

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