Finding time to write

I would have a lot more time for writing if I wasn’t occupied in the tub so many nights.

After dinner and before I’ve decided my son should get ready for bed is the perfect time for me to get some work done. A good solid block of time when he is otherwise engaged with his books or his toys or his movies.

I think to myself, Hey, what about getting some writing done?

And instead I end up in the tub, soaking in water so hot I start to sweat uncomfortably but that goes too cold before I’ve had a chance to soak my tense muscles. I focus on my book of the moment and try to read at least a chapter. This is my quiet reading time.

If I read in the living room, I’m distracted by the noise of the child. A cheerful noise, but not one conducive to a productive reading environment. If I’m in my room, I’m subject to constant questions of what I’m reading and look what I can do mom and let me describe every single thing I’m doing in my imaginative play.

The tub is the place where he knows that I would prefer not to be disturbed. And he knows that I won’t be in there for long. I only get a chapter on a typical evening. Not even enough time to get pruney.

And then it is time for teeth brushing and picking clothes out for tomorrow and nightly reading together and snuggling before he goes to sleep.

Once he’s asleep, I can sometimes convince myself to stay up – just a little longer – to get some writing done. If I’m reading a particularly enthralling book, I will allow myself to read instead.

But if I could get myself to stay out of the tub, I could have writing time and still attempt an earlier bedtime for myself.

This should be easy to do.

I don’t even really like taking baths.

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3 comments on “Finding time to write”

  1. Kimberly

    Some of my best posts come from the bathroom. Did you get a visual?
    The problem is, I forget what i thought about when I get out of there. Boo.

  2. Marta

    I think of the Friends episode where Joey says, “Put your hands together” when trying to choose between jam and sex. I feel like that’s what choosing between the tub and the computer is like. If only we could do both at the same time.

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