Follow-up: Conversation with a six-year-old


A few days after this conversation with my 6-year-old:

Scene: An overly stressed but cheerful mother and her thoughtful six-year-old son are in the dirtiest car ever. The mother has just picked the son up from school and is driving home.

Son: Today was Make a New Friend Day at school

Mom: Making new friends is fun. Did you make new friends?

Son: Yep. Jo is my friend, and I am Jo’s friend.

Mom: You and Jo have been friends for a while now. Did you make any new friends?

Son: Yes. Hailey.

Mom: Hailey in Lovebugs? [watches him through the rear-view mirror as he nods] That’s great. How did you become Hailey’s friend?

Son: I just talked to her on the playground. And asked her to play with me. Now we’re friends.

Mom: Sounds easy enough.

Son: [smiles] I like my new friends.

End Scene. Fade to black.


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