Conversation with a six-year-old

in the car

Scene: The most gorgeous mother in the world and her handsome six-year-old son are in the dirtiest car ever. The mother has just picked the son up from school and is driving home.

Son: Mom, Xander and me like this girl at school. Her name is Hailey. She’s in Lovebugs [pre-K class].

Mom: That’s nice. Did you and Xander play with Hailey?

Son: Oh no. We really like her, but we just can’t talk to her.

Mom: [laughs to herself]

A few minutes later…

Son: Hailey is just really pretty, mom.

End Scene. Fade to black.

I wish I could relate to you the tone of his voice when he said they couldn’t talk to her. He sounded as if he were just in awe of this pretty little girl. That he couldn’t ever imagine her playing with him and his friend. I find myself intrigued to see what little girl my son has become so taken by. He has told me before that the girls in his class were very pretty, but this is the first time he has shown a resistance to actually develop a friendship with one.


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