An alternate name for my son.

toilet-jamesKid: “Who named me T?”

Mom: “Well, your dad suggested the name. And we both agreed on it.”

Kid: “Because you liked the name?”

Mom: “Yes.”

Kid: “And daddy was on the toilet when he came up with the name.”

Mom: “Yes.”

Kid: “What if he had named me TOILET?”

Mom: [giggles]

Kid: “Hi, my name is Toilet James [last name].” *laughs*

Mom: “What about Toilet James Poop?” [side note: his last name rhymes with poop…also I am 10 years old]

Kid: [laughs hysterically for literally 5 or 6 minutes]


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2 comments on “An alternate name for my son.”

  1. Ali

    Coincidentally, we recently had a conversation in our house suggesting someone’s middle name should be poop.

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