Trifextra: a new writing challenge


Her name is called. She stands at the counter and reaches for the small bag. In the car, she cannot wait. Two pills, a swallow of water. Maybe now the voices will stop.



Weekend Trifextra challenge: Write thirty-three words on a new beginning.

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35 comments on “Trifextra: a new writing challenge”

  1. Kirsten

    Oh this was good, I felt the angst of not being in control, that wait for the sweet healing of the meds. Your words were full of the calm she craved. Excellent!

  2. Mind of Shoo

    OH, I loved this! Short but suspenseful and I didn’t expect the ending. Well done.

    • Roxanne

      Thank you! It was really hard to meet the word count, but I finally came up with this. Glad to see I still made it suspenseful.

  3. Trifecta

    Thanks so much for linking up with us this weekend. I hope we’ll see you back for the weekday challenge on Monday.

  4. Mariko21

    I was expecting some different pills, don’t know why. This is something that actually made me curious into finding out more about the girl and her story.

    • Roxanne

      I wonder what type of pills? This is a brand new character, so we’ll see if she goes anywhere. Thanks for reading.

  5. AR Neal

    Simple, elegant, to the point…the tensions can be felt. If you are an advocate for the mental health community, this certainly hits home.

    • Roxanne

      This is the first appearance of this character, so I’m thinking of taking some time to figure out who she is. Thanks!

  6. themisanthropicmuse

    I have two schizophrenics in my family. They have a love/hate relationship with medication. The woman in the story was at least not so far gone with her issues that she thought the voices were normal or that she didn’t have a problem. Very nicely done!

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