Remember the boggart


“I’m scared of everything. You aren’t scared of anything. I’m just a baby.” He said sadly, curling under my arm.

“That’s not true.”

“Yes it is. I’m scared of the dark and you’re not scared of anything.”

“When I was a teenager, I was scared of sleeping with the bedroom or closet door open.”

“What else are you scared of?”

“Do you remember that time we were at the grocery store and you left to go to the bathroom, except you went to the one at the front of the store and I thought you were in the one at the back of the store? Remember how I couldn’t find you, but then you went to one of the workers and they paged me from the customer service desk?” He nods, looking up at me. “For those couple of minutes when I could find you, I was very scared. I was scared that you might get hurt, or that I wouldn’t be able to find you. I get scared too, just not always about the same things you are scared of.”

“Sometimes I’m not scared of the dark. I went to get Buddy out of the living room and I didn’t turn on any lights.”

“That’s good. Do you what you should do when you are afraid of something?”


“Just remember that thing you are afraid of is a boggart.”

“What’s a boggart?”

“You don’t remember? From Harry Potter. Remember Professor Lupin teaches the kids that the boggart will take the form of whatever they’re afraid of.”

“Oh yeah! And it turns into a giant spider.”

“That’s right. And what are you supposed to do to get rid of the boggart?”


“Yes. You have to  imagine the thing you’re afraid of as something funny, and then say ‘Riddikulus’. Like Ron imagined the giant spider on roller skates. That was pretty funny, wasn’t it?”


“So remember, the best way to fight your fears, is through laughter.”

He smiles, snuggling in closer. He shouts, “Riddikulus” one more time and starts laughing.


Thank you (again), JK Rowling.


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2 comments on “Remember the boggart”

  1. kir

    first, your true love of HARRY POTTER makes me want to HUG you. I have DEEP LOVE for Harry too.

    and my children, both of them, are scared of lots of things. Gio will say, “you know , I’m not the bravest Mommy.”which melts me and softens me immediately. They are small, they are.

    but I will use the boggart the next time, to remind them that they don’t have to be afraid. what a great idea.

    again, you inspire me. THANK YOU.

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