One Word: 2013

Last year, it was FOCUS.

What a great choice it turned out to be. Focusing on finding direction. Finding employment that can be a career, not just a mindless job. Focusing on taking care of myself, my son, my goals. Knowing what I’m good at, what I enjoy doing, and focusing on that. Learning to meditate in order to focus my thoughts. It gets to be a scrambled mess in my head, so learning to bring myself back to the goals I have for myself has really helped.

This year I need to take more chances. I need to believe in myself and take a chance with doing something real with my words. I need to be open to more experiences and to stop being afraid of failure.

This year, the last of my twenties, I am going to follow the footsteps of Merida and be BRAVE.

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4 comments on “One Word: 2013”

  1. Ginger Kay

    Brave sounds like an excellent way to close out your twenties. Good luck – and I look forward to reading about the many ways you’ll be brave in the coming year!

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  3. Eva Fannon

    “Brave” – what an excellent choice Roxanne. I think it’s funny how my kids may think I am SO brave anytime, when in fact it is hard to be brave many times. Wishing lots of luck…and fun in your quest this year.

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