Little Lovings

photo by Lizz

Every morning since I can remember, I have sung the same song to my son to wake him up.

Rise and Shine, reach for the stars. Here comes Jupiter; there goes Mars.

Every night since I can remember, I have whispered the same words to my son before he falls asleep.

You’re my favorite.

These little rituals, our personal traditions, have great meaning for me. The morning song is one I remember my dad singing. Not a morning ritual, but I can still hear the words in his voice. He had a lot of little songs he would sing on occasion. This one fit the mornings, so I started using it. When T was about three he started trying to sing it on his own. He would sing, “Here is Jupiter [pause] and Mars.”

Even when he was a baby, I would tell him he was my favorite. It started as a joke. “You’re my favorite, just don’t tell your brothers and sisters.” [Haha. It’s a joke. Get it? Because he’s an only child.] Now it means so much more than that. It’s a way to say, “I love you” without those specific words. I still fill his ears with my “I love you’s”, but this is something that’s just for us.

There are others. Using the sign for ‘I love you’ when speaking is inappropriate or difficult. Changing the words to a song to reflect us (“T is amazing, just the way he is” was adapted from Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are“). Little things we’ve adopted over the years.

I love that we have these reminders, lovings that are just between the two of us. And I hope, even when he’s a hormonal teenage rolling his eyes because his mother doesn’t know anything, he’ll at least always know that he is loved.

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3 comments on “Little Lovings”

  1. Single Mom in the South

    Our mornings aren’t quite so…loving šŸ™‚ but I do have the same set of songs I sing each night. My son is ten and still lets me sing to him. I wonder when he’ll make me stop.

  2. kir

    I tell my sons, “I wannt eat your face!!!” and it’s my way of telling them that I just love them beyond rational thought.

    when they were in my belly, we sang “YOU are my Sunshine” to them every night…and now we just say Prayers together at night.

    when we leave them at daycare, they meet us at the window and we do the sign for I LOVE you..and now they even make the “HEART” sign with their hands. It’s so cute.

    I know how you’s these little things that tell the story of our mommyhood and them. *sigh*

  3. Ali

    Awww. That’s sweet. And those pictures turned out awesome!

    Ryan and I have one too:
    Me: You know how much I love you?
    Ryan: How much???
    Me: Not very much.
    Ryan: HEEEEEYYYYYYY!?!?!

    And then we laugh and give each other a big hug.

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