The little dark-haired boy

“You don’t see the little dark-haired boy on the old tractor?”

“No Marc. There’s no one there.” Her eyebrow arches. “Did you take your pills?”

“Yes,” he growls. “I took the damn pill.”


Weekend Trifextra challenge: Write a thirty-three word response to one of the photos shown.

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17 comments on “The little dark-haired boy”

  1. Rachael

    Maybe Marc’s crazy. Or maybe there really is a little boy there, but she wants him to think he’s crazy…

  2. Atreyee

    Oh,I do hope that its a ghost & not Marc’s hallucination!Great idea to use the prompt this way:-)

  3. Trifecta

    Someone needs more pills. 🙂 Seriously, I really enjoyed this different take on the picture. Nice job.

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