Kids say the…what?

T and his friend approach me as I enter the Kindergarten classroom; both of their faces are lit up brilliantly.

“Sleepover!” T says excitedly. His friend beams from behind him and nods enthusiastically.

“Um. What?”

“Can we have a sleepover?”

“Not tonight.” I turn to his friend. “I’ll leave a note so your mom or dad can call me and we’ll set something up. Okay?”

“My dad doesn’t live with us anymore because he sleeped with someone else.”

*blank stare* “Oh. Okay…well…your mom can call me then.”


Which leaves me to wonder: how does T handle the same type of conversation in regards to his father and I? Does he still talk about how daddy had to move out because he “farts all the time”**?


**Honestly, that’s something that came out of T’s mouth a couple years ago. Whether his dad had to move out because he farts all the time. I still laugh about it. So does T.


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3 comments on “Kids say the…what?”

  1. Lance


    my daughters avoid questions about their mom and I’s previous relationships (we’re a blended family) by saying “we know what happened, we don’t care, move on”…’s actually kinda awesome.

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