Book Review: Things Go Wrong For Me

I started following @Moooooog35  on Twitter a few months ago because someone re-tweeted something he said and he seemed funny. I like to follow random funny people. I hope some of their wit will rub off on me. Because I only pretend to be funny.

So Rodney (That’s his real name. I didn’t know he had a real name.) wrote a book called Things Go Wrong For Me and I decided to give it a read. It was on sale for $2.99, so what did I have to lose? Besides almost $3. And the time it took me to read it.

I let it sit on my digital shelf for a while because I had more important things to do. I don’t know what they were, but I’m sure they were very important.

I finally read it. And I read it in two days. I would have read it in one day, but I got busy doing other important things.

I’m sorry Rodney. Feeding my kid and going work are slightly more important than reading your book. Please forgive me.

Turns out, the book was totally worth the almost $3 and the time it took me to read it. Dude is hilarious. Way funnier than he is on Twitter. I laughed until tears rolled down my cheeks.

This memoir-of-sorts is filled with little vignettes from his life, from his childhood as a fat kid, his vasectomy, and his life post-divorce. The childhood story about the toboggan is probably the funniest. There are pictures and diagrams and really crappy drawings that add to the ridiculous humor of each story.

I really don’t want to say a lot, because if it’s unexpected, it’s totally funnier.

I didn’t know Rodney has a blog. I just knew his humor from Twitter. There is so much more hilarity to ensue.

Want to laugh until you pee your pants? Read this book with a full bladder.

What laugh a lot but still be able to control your bladder? Read this book right after you pee. Or, better yet, while you’re on the toilet. Totally makes sense.

Offended by vulgar language or pictures of male genitalia with smiley faces? Don’t read this book.


I bought this book with my own money and then wrote a review because I honestly really liked it. The opinion expressed is entirely my own because I’m a big girl who can make decisions all on her own thankyouverymuch.

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