Last year I saw it all over the Twitters. Look at my awesome mug! #MugSwap2011! 

This year, I totally joined in. Not only did I want my own awesome mug from some random blogger, but I also loved the idea of designing an Unintentionally Brilliant coffee mug. I mean, fun, right? Not only did I buy one for my random blogger, but I also got myself one. Because obviously!

As we speak, my mug is traveling across the country to it’s lucky recipient. A blogger that I didn’t even know about before #MugSwap2012. And I’m waiting to see which blogger will be sending me one.

Want an Unintentionally Brilliant mug of your own? Is that a thing? Do people buy merchandise from bloggers?

I don’t know, but here are some fun pictures. Because what’s the point of sharing our lives on the internets if I don’t include some totally dorky pictures of myself?

Fra-gee-lay…must be Italian or something, eh?

(PS Every time I go to type the word SWAP, my fingers want to type SWAMP. Just thought I’d let you know.)

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