NaNoWriMo update…and more…

This week included a three-day weekend (hello, Veteran’s Day!) and I still fell behind on my word count for NaNoWriMo. Because, let’s face it, sometimes you just want to lounge around the house with your kid and watch movies (by the way, The Amazing Spider-Man was totally awesome and I may love it more than Spider-Man) (also, it’s hard to explain to a child that loves the trilogy that this is not a part of that story, but an entirely new one).

That being said, I’m still making progress on Finding Agnes. I’m filling in the holes, giving more of Matilda’s story, and learning so much more about my characters. This week’s prompt from Write on Edge is to use rain as inspiration. I can see this working into a few different scenes that I need to write, so look forward to Friday for more from the story!

I’ve been throwing myself into a million different directions (again), and I think it’s turning out great. Tonight is the last meeting for the first of my two Inbound Marketing classes. I’ll take the second class in December, and then I’ll have my Social Media Marketing certificate. I have plans on how to use this for my current job with the University, my lovely little bloggy here, and my editing business. So much opportunity for growth and expansion!

Speaking of editing, I’m squeezing a few jobs into the next couple of months, and that just makes me uber happy. I’ve advertised on the NaNoWriMo forums, and people are actually finding me! Now to finish redoing my site so I can fill my schedule with even more writing and editing and working and playing.

I will be traveling to the Bay Area for Turkey Day to visit family (hi mom!), and I’m lucky enough to have a photo shoot date with the lovely Lizz Porter of Am I a Funny Girl?. It’s about time I get some super cute professional photos done!



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