He is his mother’s child.

My son takes after me in a lot of ways. Facial expressions, love of reading, night owl, overly sensitive. But I think one of the most annoying traits (and I mean that in the nicest way possible, T) is how he lives in the future.

When he was a baby, I was always waiting for the next milestone. I wanted him to learn to walk, to talk, to read. I was always waiting for what would come next. And now he’s started the same terrible habit.

He turned 6 last month, and he’s already anticipating his 7th birthday. He wants to know how long until he starts first grade. He wakes up every morning wanting to know what we’re doing after school, tomorrow, this weekend. How many more days until we go to Grami’s house for Thanksgiving? How long until Christmas? When will his teeth start falling out?

He was so looking forward to being 6, to being in Kindergarten. Now I’m afraid he’s not enjoying it. I mean, he is. I know he is. He tells me how much fun he had at school, what they had for breakfast/lunch/snack, who he played with on the playground, what book he got to read to his class. He even tells me the not-so good things, like the boy who told him he stinks, or the girl who wouldn’t play with him, or how he didn’t listen to the teacher and that’s why he got put on ‘red’. He tells me everything about his day, but he is still always anticipating what is coming next.

Maybe it’s not a big deal. As long as he’s still enjoying life, maybe it’s not such a big deal that he’s excited about what’s coming next.

I just know that I missed a lot of him as an infant because I wasn’t paying attention. I was waiting for the first tooth, the first step, first word, his ability to have conversations. Now I can’t even remember how old he was when he reached certain milestones.

I don’t want him to miss out on the memories, just because he’s too focused on what’s coming.

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