Before & After: Curtains

Before: My son’s bedroom window. No curtains. Boring.

When I originally saw this pin on Pinterest a couple months ago, I thought it was a simple solution to something that had been bugging me for years. I hated the look of the blinds that came with my little home. Blinds are boring. But I always had this idea that curtains were a ‘luxury’ item that I shouldn’t be wasting my money on. There are more important things to use my hard earned money on. Like web hosting and frozen pizzas.

A couple weeks later, I was on one of my regular trips to the Goodwill to see if I could find any treasures. I noticed a sheet with Spider-Man on it that I thought might work well in my son’s room. I bought it right away – can’t really beat $2, huh?

The sheet sat in my house for months. I’d find it, think about my little project, and just move it to another place in the house.

This weekend, I was at the Wal-Mart when I saw that a hot glue gun was only $2.99. I knew I’d need one for my curtain project, so I grabbed it. I bought a couple of the glue sticks to go with it, some thick black ribbon, and the cheapest curtain rod I could find ($4.97). All in all, I spent about $10 on the supplies.

The first thing I did was make sure the sheet was wide enough to cover the window. It was, but the sheet was WAY long. I decided to hang the curtain rod a couple inches above the window and then trim the sheet so it just reached the floor. I cut the sheet right down the middle, saving the hemming for another occasion. I don’t have a sewing machine and figured I could always take care of it later. For now, the curtains would be uneven and unhemmed, but you really can’t notice.

Next, I cut 10 pieces of ribbon, which were each about three inches long. Using just a small line of hot glue, I glued the top of the ribbon just under the top of the sheet (I kept the wide hem intact on the sheet) and then glued the bottom of the ribbon a little further down. The ribbon bubbles away from the sheet to accommodate the curtain rod, and also has extra space so it glides open and closed a little easier. I put each ribbon a couple inches apart (5 per half of the curtains). There is one ribbon on each end of the curtain so the ends don’t curl all awkwardly. (If my instructions don’t make sense – I’m really sorry. I didn’t take in-progress pictures. Check out the pin I mentioned above and she’s got better step-by-step instructions.)

The rest was simple. Slip the curtains onto the rod, screw the curtain rod pieces to the wall, and hang the whole thing up. I’m taking the curtains to mom’s house when we go for Thanksgiving so she can help me hem them, and I’ll need to line them. The sheet is super thin, so you can see pretty much right through them. But, the blinds are still up for now. No problem. I also want to add a pull stick long enough that T will be able to reach it to open and close his curtains without climbing on the furniture (right now he climbs on a bookcase to open and close the blinds).

I think it already makes a big difference in the way his room looks. The wall looks a lot better than it did with just boring white blinds.

What do you think?

After: My son’s bedroom window. With curtains. Much better.


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