Stronger than I know.

Did I tell you about the time I hiked 10.6 miles to the top of Mount Rose, which stands at 11,000+/- feet above sea level?

It was an incredible experience. One that reminded me how strong my body still is, even after holding on to so much extra weight over the years. I stood at the top of that mountain, looking at the city I live in, and marveled about how small everything is. Including me. I am a drop in the bucket, a grain of sand on the beach, a twinkling star in the universe, a speck of dust.

I am also stronger than I know, more capable than I believe. I got back to the parking lot feeling like I could conquer anything that came my way.

Maybe even depression.

While I try to figure out the next step in self-improvement, enjoy a few of the pictures I took. (I took a ton more, but I’m not sure how much people want to look at numerous photos of what looks like the same trees.)


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