My Pinterest Fail? It’s Blogworthy!

I can’t even remember how I first started reading It’s Blogworthy and chatting with Amanda, but I’m certainly glad it happened. I look forward to reading her Celebrity Round-up every Friday, and I love seeing her DIY refashions. I even sent her a bridesmaid’s dress for her to refashion. I’ve seen the picture of the skirt she made, and it’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it and try it on.

Amanda loves Pinterest. And she is one of those rare people who actually tries some of the cool crafty/DIY/refashion stuff she pins. She is all over the Pinterest. I mean, this girl doesn’t just have a board for recipes. She has them divided up into categories. She has 46 boards, to my 17.

I bring this up, because the other day I tried something I found on Pinterest. Maybe you even saw me mention it on the Facebook. Well, Amanda has invited me over to her place to share my story.

Check out my Pinterest Fail. And don’t forget to return on Friday for Celebrity Round-up.


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3 comments on “My Pinterest Fail? It’s Blogworthy!”

  1. Amanda Austin

    OMG, I have 47 boards? I have a serious problem 😉 Thanks so much for sharing your story today…..I laughed SO MUCH at that picture.

  2. Stasha

    Did you get my tweets with the links to the no heat curls?

    I hope you try them. . . And if you do, you have to let us know if they worked or not!

    Hee hee! 😉

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