RWH: Face to Face

David nervously ran his fingers through his hair. He suddenly wished he hadn’t agreed to let Maria cut his hair just before his first blind date. He didn’t feel like himself.

“Stop messing with it, David. It looks great.” Maria said, lying  a cloth napkin in her lap. “I’m so glad you let me get rid of that shag.”

Kyle grinned, “I don’t know. That jew fro was looking pretty sweet.”

“He’s never going to meet anyone looking like that. He looks much better now.”

Kyle raised the menu so his wife of six months wouldn’t see him roll his eyes.

“There she is.” Maria said, looking over David’s shoulder with a smile. She waved enthusiastically and David turned to see his date.

She walked in wearing a pale pink summer dress that just barely brushed the ground as she walked. David could see a pair of silver ballet flats peeking out beneath the hem. She had her white-blonde hair pulled back in a single fishtail braid that trailed down to her mid-back.

David thought she was lovely. He stood as Maria  hugged her friend.

“Agnes, this is David. David, this is Agnes.”

Agnes smiled complacently at the ground and took her seat next to David without a word.

“It’s nice to meet you,” David said. “Maria tells me you’re an artist.”

David thought he saw Agnes shoot her friend an accusatory glare. The waiter appeared, to the obvious relief of Kyle who ordered a round of beers for everyone.

“I suppose. I sketch occasionally.”

“Oh, she’s brilliant.” Maria interrupted.  “You should see the drawing she did of Kyle and I from the wedding. You know, Agnes, David just graduated with Kyle.”

“What did you study?” Agnes asked, focusing her pale blue eyes on David with a hint of boredom at the small talk.

“Marketing. I just got a paid summer internship with an ad agency. I’m hoping they’ll hire me on at the end of summer.”

“Agnes, doesn’t David’s hair look nice?” Maria struggled to keep the conversation going. David saw Agnes glance at him and shrug her shoulders. “He let me cut it this afternoon. You should have seen how shaggy it was.”

“If I should have seen it, why did you cut it?” Agnes eyed David curiously, reaching for a piece of bread at the same time.

“Oh, believe me, it’s much better this way.”

“If you say so.” Agnes said, tearing off a piece of bread with her long fingers and placing it in her mouth.

Maria sighed, and David almost felt bad for her. She had been so sure that the two of them would hit it off, but this woman obviously had no interest in conversation – whether with him or with anyone he wasn’t sure. He watched her tear another piece of bread off and place it in her mouth as she looked around the quiet restaurant. She looked bored.

David wondered how long he’d have to wait for that beer.


This piece was written as a part of my fictional work-in-progress, Finding Agnes. You can find more from Finding Agnes here.

Red Writing Hood is a weekly writing meme from the Write on Edge community. Constructive criticism is appreciated.



This week’s Red Writing Hood prompt: Write about a face to face meeting which, for better or for worse, doesn’t go as planned. Fiction or memoir, 450 words.

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5 comments on “RWH: Face to Face”

  1. Morgan

    There is nothing more painfully awkward than a blind date … and you capture that here. Well done!

    Visiting from Write on Edge.

  2. cait

    Oh, I felt so bad for David (and for Maria! She was the one keeping it together) at the end of the piece. Love your clear writing voice. Great reading. 🙂

  3. Brianna

    The tension in this piece is great. Your description of Agnes is excellent. I can’t wait to read more. I just have one tiny thing – Jew should be capitalized. 🙂

  4. shelton keys dunning

    Blind dates are so easy to do badly. I was coerced twice for blind dates. The first might have gone somewhere if the guy didn’t have a tongue ring. (pierced tongues freak me out). The second might have worked out if he had more than a three topic conversation. Renaissance Fair (which I love but I don’t need to talk about the same events over and over for four hours), his mother’s crohn’s disease, and “I’ve never been anywhere really so why don’t we go to Ireland for our honeymoon?”. Oh, Buddy, I’m going to Ireland on my honeymoon, but you won’t be there, I promise you that.

    You captured the spirit of a blind date in all its awkward glory. My only concrit is that the POV wobbled in a minor spot or two. Great take on the prompt!

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