Monterey: a much needed vacation

I went to Monterey last weekend with the Boyfriend. I got to play in the ocean, lie on the beach, see the aquarium, eat good food, walk Cannery Row (including a pretty rad antique store), and sleeeeep.

It was fantastic.

Here. Enjoy pictures.

Dropped of T at his grandpa's house and then we were off to Monterey!

When we got there, we found an amazing Farmer's Market where the Boyfriend bought me carnations.

We headed to the beach where we played in the water, found seashells, and then laid in the sunshine (the sun did actually come out a while after this picture).

The theme for the weekend seemed to be great food and drinks, but terrible service. This margarita was yummy. And strong.

This was a glass of Sophia, a sparkling wine by Coppola. I only had to order it 3 times before the waitress finally remembered.

Of course we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and had some random dude take our picture.

My aunt declared us "cutest couple" after I posted this picture on Facebook. Too bad I didn't post the one where the Boyfriend looked slightly evil (does anybody else notice the words on the wall look like weird spikes out of Boyfriend's head?).

I decided the seahorses were my favorite.

Isn't this one beautiful?

This one was smaller than my fingernail!

The Boyfriend's favorites were the otters. Have to admit, I loved watching them swim around!

This one was just chilling in a bucket. Good times.

I got to touch starfish, sea cucumbers (squishy!), and a couple sting rays. I can't wait to take T!

After walking Cannery Row, we headed back to the aquarium where they were having a little jazz festival and wine tasting.

We enjoyed the music outside while drinking our beers and watching the ocean. We also watched an adorable little boy play "drums" on the benches (not pictured; because taking pictures of other people's children is not advisable).

This weekend I’m in Half Moon Bay for my cousin’s wedding, and to pick up T. I can’t wait to see him. And to be on the beach again. I love my ocean!

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6 comments on “Monterey: a much needed vacation”

  1. Ali

    Looks like you two had so much fun! I want to go somewhere good. I need to get a boyfriend.

  2. Brianna

    Cute dress. The otters are my fave too. We went to the aquarium when I was a kid on one of our Tahoe trips and I got a starfish from the gift shop. I don’t have it anymore, though. It creeps me out now that I owned a sea animal.

  3. Jessica

    I loved Monterey last year when we went except that the sun didn’t really come out until our last day there. Have fun in Half Moon Bay.

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