Making things work out

The worst thing anybody could ever tell me when I was deep in the pit of depression, was that “everything works out.”

I hated that expression.

But, in my experience, it really does ring true. But only when you add an IF statement.

Everything works out, if you work towards what you want.

Things don’t work out “just because.” You have to work for what you want. You have to make the choices and changes needed to improve your situation.

Last week, I made a necessary choice to improve my situation. It wasn’t easy, but I know it is the right choice.

I accepted a position as Program Coordinator with the university’s Extended Studies department.

I wasn’t really “job hunting”. I was just looking at the state job board, curious to see what was out there. This was about a month ago.

The applications were due the following day, so I took a chance and sent in my resume. I took the clerical support exam, passed it, and got a call for an interview. Everything went quicker than I expected. I was told pretty much right away that I was the choice candidate. I went in for a quick interview with the Vice Provost, and then told to schedule a time to come in to HR to complete paperwork.

All in all, it took almost exactly a month between application and job offer. It feels like it was a whirlwind. I’m still trying to stop my head from spinning.

I’m excited about this opportunity. The committee I interviewed for was filled with friendly people. My future director even admitted to “blog stalking” me. I don’t mind, but only because he said he liked it (kidding!).

Maybe everything doesn’t always work out if you’re sitting around in the dark. Maybe you have to take chances and work hard to make things work out. Even if it’s not exactly the way you thought they would.

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